Dental anxiety affects millions of people, preventing them from getting the dental treatment they need to stay healthy. Dental anxiety often starts with a feeling of fear or even panic and can prevent patients from visiting the dentist’s office. It can prevent patients from getting exams, cleanings, and other routine care. It can also lead to a patient putting off treatment like fillings or root canals.

However, staying calm is the most important thing during dental procedures. It helps not only you but also the dentist to conduct the procedure without any hassle. Patients who get agitated easily while undergoing dental treatments can make the process complicated.

What Does Getting Nervous Do to the Patient?

When a patient gets anxious, they tend to breathe in a shorter manner, which results in them not getting enough oxygen in their body. This can lead to feeling lightheaded or dizzy when the procedure gets started. Further, the patient might lose their focus and not be able to focus on the pain. It will make them feel uncomfortable throughout the procedure and could even lead to crying or screaming out in pain.

What Happens If Patients Don’t Stay Calm During Dental Procedures?

If you are unable to stay calm during dental procedures, it may result in a few problems for you, such as:

  • It would be difficult for the dentist to assess your condition as you wouldn’t be able to respond normally.
  • It would be difficult for them to make accurate diagnoses as patients might not respond well to pain or discomfort and may not be able to cooperate with them.
  • If you don’t stay calm during dental procedures, it could cause injury to yourself or even dentists by moving around too much during procedures.

What Can Be Done to Stay Calm During Dental Treatments?

Some of the ways that can help you stay calm during dental treatments are:

  • Patients should have enough knowledge about their treatment beforehand and understand what exactly the dentist intends to do. If they are not sure about what to expect, it would be normal for them to feel anxious during the treatment. Knowing about your treatment will be helpful in overcoming your fear of dental procedures.
  • One of the best things that can help you remain calm is practicing deep breathing before coming for your appointment. This will help you focus on your breaths and control your emotions, making it easier and more comfortable for you to stay calm during the treatment.
  • You can also use stress-relieving techniques before coming for dental treatments, such as listening to soft music or counting backward. Also, practicing guided relaxation before coming for dental appointments can help you stay calm throughout the process.
  • Sedatives and anti-anxiety medications can also be used for patients who are highly anxious about dental procedures. Sedation dentistry uses oral medication or IV sedation to help patients calm down and become relaxed. This relaxes the patient and makes them unlikely to experience any nervousness or anxiety. This also helps patients stay relaxed during their treatment and prevents them from feeling uncomfortable or afraid.

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